invertebrate tier list

One of the only non-CS courses I loved in high school was BL4401# Functional Adaptations of Invertebrates and Vertebrates.

The course content was exactly what I liked about biology — discovering cool facts about the cool stuff living around us1! I also was taught a lot of this content by a senior back when I was in Year One, and that experience influenced a lot of my thoughts on autodidacticism that I still hold today.

A recent trip to the Exploratorium reminded me of how much I loved learning about these animals despite me not having touched biology since ~2019, so here is a completely meaningless and useless tier list of invertebrates that I learned about in that course.

Tier Phylum
S Platyhelminthes (cute to draw, especially Planarians)
Echinodermata (i like the name sand dollar)
A Cnidaria (medusa vs polyp forms are cool)
Porifera (spongebob_irl)
Chordata (the lancelets) (still what i picture when recalling the 4 characteristics)
B Chordata (tunicates) (idk it’s like porifera++)
C Nematoda (inferior worm but the only pseudocoelomate we learned)
D Annelida (inferior worm)
Arthropoda (nobody likes you but you serve an ecological purpose)
F Mollusca (allergic to most of you also just boring af)

  1. As opposed to things like memorising the Glycolysis pathway or FGF signalling behaviour ↩︎