Hi, I’m Kok Rui, a CS student at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

I’m also currently a (Summer ‘23):

I’ve previously been a/an:

In NUS, I’ve been a/an:

I spend most of my time working on things under the umbrella of CS. I used to compete in Security CTFs and Hackathons which somewhat reflects my CS interests, but I’m open to anything that I find cool.

Back in High School, I was also heavily involved in Model United Nations, where I participated in more than 35 conferences in every academic capacity possible, and where I got the chance to visit new countries and stay in weird places, including the J.W. Marriott Beijing (for free) and a rented room with a cockroach problem in Kuala Lumpur (for a fee). All that remains is my love for travel.

Other things I like: