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i like { computer, international } security.

currently serving my National Service in the Singapore Armed Forces. enjoy travelling on a budget. always trying to learn more.

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Went overseas for an event, caught the travel bug.
To date, my personal adventures include:

(Click each entry for a trip tl;dr)

1. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Nov '17 (and afterwards, many more times)

loads of times

Been a lot - mostly due to attending various conferences. Nevertheless, it's a lot like Singapore with very cheap and good food. Also, Auntie Anne's is pretty widespread, tastes great, and isn't inhibitively pricey like the Singaporean outlets.

2. Seoul, South Korea, Nov '18

21 November to 27 November

Conference trip turned into a week-long holiday in Seoul. Stayed in Songpa Hostel at $14/night and got a free 3 nights at the Seoul Olympic Parktel (~$100/night). Amazingly, there was a day of snowfall (around 1 month before there was expected to have any snow) which was incredible. Had a snowball fight with a Korean friend. Ate incredible food, took the world's longest zipline (940m!!!!), had a North Korea border DMZ trip sadly cancelled on us. Addicted to Kimchi now, still have tantalising flashbacks of Sulbing's Bingsu.

3. Beijing, China, Mar '19

20 March to 25 March

2nd conference back-to-back, so was pretty tired. But had a free stay at the J.W. Marriott/Ritz Carlton, which were both chains I'd only vaguely heard of before (as being fancy hotels) - so randomly getting the chance to stay in them was pretty crazy. One bummer was that the hotel and conference locations were in a pretty rich/high-class enclave (China Central Place), meaning that I didn't really get to see any "real" China (though I'd soon fix this at the end of the year). Did, however, get to visit the Forbidden City + Tiananmen Square and see the changing of the guards.

4. The Maldives, Sep '19

6 September to 12 September

Found return tickets to the Maldives for <$200, snapped up return tickets to the Maldives for <$200. Stayed a night in a sleeping pod in MalΓ©, then stayed a couple days in Thulusdhoo, followed by Guraidhoo. Absolutely INCREDIBLE. Packed clothes, a bar of detergent, and a second-hand snorkel + fins that cost a cumulative <$15 and just went. Kayaked, snorkeled, had a public transport ferry (dhoni) break down on me (made a friend out of the ferry attendant!). More expensive than I'd like (they only have resorts or guesthouses, no actual hostels) at ~$30-$40 per night, but the service and amenities were OUTSTANDING. They really know how to do tourism.

5. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam + Kansai, Japan, Oct '19 - Nov '19

27 October to 7 November

A graduation trip with my schoolmates. Slightly more expensive than normal, did slightly more cliché things - but cliché things are cliché for a (good) reason. Got to experience a bustling Ho Chi Minh, saw the Củ Chi tunnels and the Mekong. For Japan, based in Osaka and had a bunch of day trips throughout the Kansai region (Himeji, Kobe, Nara, Kyoto). Ate incredible food, saw incredible things.

6. Bali, Indonesia, Nov '19

12 November to 15 November

A trip for a conference in which, funnily enough, I was paid more by the conference than the trip actually cost. Stayed in a chill $4/night hostel, then a fancy resort-hotel immediately after. Pretty funny dichotomy. Also, touched down in Singapore the morning of my high school convocation.

7. South East Asia tour, Dec '19 - Jan '20

23 December to 6 January

An epic, impromptu, (and cheap!!) backpacking journey from Singapore to China with the following legs:

Singapore -🚌-> Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -🚌-> Padang Besar, Malaysia -🚢-> Hat Yai, Thailand -πŸš‚-> Bangkok, Thailand -πŸš‚-> Aranyaprathet, Thailand -🚢-> Poi Pet, Cambodia -🚌🚢-> Siem Reap, Cambodia -🚌🚚-> Nakasong, Laos -🚣-> Don Det, Laos -🚣🚌-> Pakse, Laos -🚌-> Danang, Vietnam -✈️-> Hanoi, Vietnam -πŸš‚-> Nanning, China

Currently intend to "conquer": rest of ASEAN (Myanmar + the Philippines), Greece, Georgia-Armenia-Azerbaijan, North Korea, as many South Pacific Islands I can knock out without being overly expensive (and before they succumb to rising sea levels 😒), Northwest China (Lanzhou for the OG lamian, Ürümqi before they succumb to... things), Nepal. Maybe Northern Africa and South America.

Then, hopefully when older, settled down, and have a family, I can do all the remaining cliche (and more expensive) stuff :)

I travel frugally yet keep it fun. I share my experiences and tips at this (TBD) mini-blog.


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